Car service and Tire servicePřáslavice / Kocourovec

Welcome to the Karl Service website!

Karl Service opened at the beginning of 2010. We offer a wide-spectrum of car and tire services for all types of cars and industrial vehicles. Part of Karl Service is a car and truck wash which utilizes modern technology for washing all kinds of vehicles. Our brush-type vehicle wash can adapt to any shape or height. Moreover, the wash trail is 24 meters long thus, enabling it to wash vehicles which are up to 24 meters long.

Motivated by a high enquiry of truck drivers and strong interest of transport companies, we started the Karl Service project at the beginning of 2009. We are on highway 283 km E442 /R35/. It is 10 km from Olomouc and located in a small village named Kocourovec. Our big parking lot make us well known among truck drivers and also for motorists from surrounding neighbourhoods.

We hope you will be satisfied with our services, prices and good traffic accessibility.

Car Service

Car & Truck Service provides all kinds of services for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, working machines and agricultural machinery. The Service is equipped with modern facilities, quality tools and trained technicians with experience. We offer the best prices for repairs and spare parts. We care about customer satisfaction and comfort while waiting for car repairs.

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Tire Service Olomouc

We provide full service for any type of requirement you need for your tires. Made in Italy, the device we use follows the latest models and trends in this industry. Our employees are trained on all types of tire service work and are ready to provide 100% quality service. We will be ready to help you with any question you may have.

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The Car & Truck Wash Olomouc

The Car & Truck Wash provides an advanced technology for washing vihicles. Good chemistry used for perfect removal of dirt from less accessible places and the use of the finest brush gently cleans your vehicle. The dimensions of the Car & Truck Wash are specially-designed for the body shape of trucks with a trailer, vans and also for special trailers.

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