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Automatic transmission

Automatic transmission

Dear customers, we offer complete service and maintenance of automatic transmissions and repairs of hydrodynamic and electromagnetic converters to all types of vehicles.

Maintenance of automatic gearboxes

- Check the prescribed oil levels

- Check the tightness of the gear unit and the complete hydraulic circuit, including the gearbox cooler

- Diagnostics, memory failure, eventual deletion of adaptive data

- The recommended oil change interval in the automatic gearbox is every 40,000 to 60,000 km

- Replace contaminated oil including flushing

- Remove the oil pan (if it is located on the gear chassis), checking for any dirt, if foreign pieces of steel or aluminum are present, the vehicle is not recommended drive the gearbox further. It could be seriously damaged by a few tens of kilometers. When reassembling, a new seal must be used!

- Replacing the automatic gearbox filter (If the filter is located inside the gearbox, In this case the filter change is not possible)

- Final test drive, verification of gear shift, clutch overload control.